Behavioural Modification

Please be mindful that there are never quick fixes in behaviour modification, especially if you are dealing with fear, anxiety, or aggression. Most behaviour modification training may take up to several weeks or months to resolve, and veterinarian support.

Is your dog a Feisty Fido? For whatever reason they exhibit aggressive growling, barking, or lunging at other dogs or people. Whether your dog is being fearful or angry, behaviour modification training can help you manage and rehabilitate your dog. Behaviour consults are done on a one-on-one basis either in-home or at a pre-arranged training location.

Chelsea applies science-based dog training principles and methods for helping dogs with behavioural concerns. She can coach you and help your dog develop new confidence, and to feel more calm & comfortable when exposed to particular triggers or stimuli – all without the use of force, intimidation, or pain. She can provide you with guidance on understanding why your dog is behaving the way it does,  teach you the underlying principles of how to humanely and effectively treat the issue, and also show you how to implement the exercises and protocols required to help your dog over the long-term.

Common Behaviour Problems:

  • Moderate Reactivity, fear and aggression towards other dogs, animals, people, children, or inanimate objects*
  • Separation Anxiety*
  • Handling Sensitivity* (e.g. grooming, handling, nail trimming, touching)
  • Resource Guarding* (e.g. protectiveness towards toys, bones, or stolen objects)
  • Territorial Behaviour* (e.g. barking at the doorbell, chasing dogs away from the property, fence fighting)

After you book your first session, you’ll need to complete a comprehensive history form for Chelsea to review before the session. That way, she can get right to work helping you and your dog have a better future, rather than spending the whole time learning about your dog’s past. This saves you time and money.

During the session, Chelsea may ask you some additional questions to get a complete picture of your dog’s issue(s). After that, she will teach you how to use the most appropriate, modern, dog-friendly techniques, based on what is the best fit for your dog and your family. She’ll help you create a training plan specifically tailored to your dog which you can review any time.

The initial session is 1.5 hours long and is £90. Each 1-hour follow-on session booked after that is £55 – book now.

*Disclaimer: Severe cases of fear, anxiety, or aggression – including where dogs have caused Level 4 bites or self-mutilation, will be referred to a Veterinary Behaviourist.