Basic Manners & Obedience

Who is this for? Dogs that are older than 4 months of age, including middle-aged and senior dogs, perfect for your new rescue, any dog or owner who needs a quick refresher, or anybody that has a specific training goal. The emphasis on private lessons is to cover foundation skills, basic obedience, and general manners.

Private training can be done by itself or in addition to group classes. This can be scheduled in your home or at a pre-arranged location. Please note, dogs that display fearful, aggressive or reactive behaviour towards other dogs, animals, or people should go to our Behavioural Modification page for help with these concerns.

Examples of obedience training and basic manners topics that we can help you with:

  • Pulling on the lead
  • House-training
  • Puppy and Adolescent mouthing and nipping
  • Destructive chewing
  • Inappropriate greeting, jumping up
  • Digging in the garden
  • Running off / not coming when called
  • Teaching basic cues such as: sit, down, stand, drop-it, and touch
  • Developing impulse control with: leave-it, stay, wait, park-it (settle)

After you register for a session, you’ll need to complete a history form for Chelsea to read before the session. That way, she can get right to work helping you and your dog have a better future, rather than spending the whole time learning about your dog’s past.

During the session, Chelsea will ask you some additional questions during the first portion to get a complete picture of your dog’s issue(s). After that, she will teach you how to use the most appropriate, modern, dog-friendly techniques, based on what is the best fit for your dog and your family as well as offer environmental management solutions.

The initial private lesson is an hour long and costs £45. Each hourly follow-on session booked after that is £30 – book now.