Eric and Archie (Beagle)

Absolutely brilliant dog trainer. Chelsea is very friendly, and professional. My beagle Archie and I really enjoyed our private sessions and learnt a lot, we’ve come so far since we started, Chelsea has always been there to support us when we’ve needed it. I would definitely recommend her expertise to anyone with a dog!

John and Poppy (Miniature Schnauzer)

Our mini schnauzer loved these classes. Great way to train your dog safely, small classes using great premises which allowed for individual room practice. Chelsea and her team are brilliant, enthusiastic, encouraging and infinitely patient. Can’t recommend them highly enough.

Catherine and Chop (Staffordshire Terrier)

I was really impressed with Chelsea’s knowledge and her approach to dog training. Me and my puppy Chop learnt a lot. I’d definitely recommend her, especially for puppy owners.

Connie and Mokey (Coton de Tulear)

Chelsea was very clear and consistent and Mokey has made great strides since we began the class. Especially helpful was Chelsea’s visit to our house for the one-on-one lesson. She answered all our questions and more and we feel so much more confident. It’s wonderful knowing that that Chelsea is so open, encouraging and supportive! We’ve already started taking her advice on how to handle Mokey and Wembley when people come to the house …when all craziness and barking happens! After one session of us doing as she suggested we saw a massive improvement! Wow! Thank you again and we look forward to taking future classes from Chelsea!

Caite and Gus (French Bulldog)

Gus and I are thankful we met Chelsea – we both learned so much and are happier for it. Chelsea is so fun to work with and helped me learn a lot about giving Gus good cues and staying consistent and positive. I’m amazed at how much Gus has learned over the past six weeks and I’m looking forward to taking another class with Gus in the future. Thanks so much for all you do to help dogs and their owners.

James and Cedar (Shiba Inu Mix)

Hi Chelsea. Just saying thank you. Me and Cedar really learned a lot in your Ruff Around the Edges class. I enjoyed the pace and focus of the class. The hour always flew past. Instructions were always clearly explained and you showed great patience and professionalism with owners and dogs alike. I’m just sorry the course is over. I felt we were just warming up. I look forward to our next class. You did a great job. Thanks again.

Sandy and Bindy (White German Shepard)

Chelsea,Thank you so much! We enrolled Bindy in Puppy Pre-School as soon as she was of age, then put her in Puppy Kindergarten. She is turning out to be great addition to the family! You taught her manners and skills that will last her lifetime. I am very proud and feel safe taking her out into the public now. We are looking forward to future classes and also your Dog Socials. We were sure lucky to have found Tails-a-Wagging! Thank you!

Stan and Noire (Standard Poodle)

I would like to commend Chelsea for the way she conducted the training classes. Working with puppies and there humans can be quite challenging for all concerned. Chelsea was always positive and conveyed a lot of information for us to use. I was very pleased to have Chelsea as an instructor and when we take Noire’ in for further training will look forward to taking further classes from Chelsea. Thank you.

Kathleen and Gracie (Pitbull Mix) – USA

Hey Chelsea, Thank you so much for being patient with our little Gracie!! She is so precious to us, and you treat her so well. Thank you also for recommending we bring her to Doggie Day Care. I know she is still a little shy, but I know she really enjoys it, because she is completely tuckered out for 2 days following a day of play. The first day after Day Care, she didn’t even make it to the street in the seat next to her dad, before she was sound asleep.

The 2nd day, she was so tired, she couldn’t even jump up on the bed. I had to lift her onto the bed to go to sleep for the night. It is really cute and she seems calmer and more content, just after 2 days at Day Care. On her first day, she was very scared and wouldn’t come to anyone and wouldn’t play with anyone, until she saw you. You made the difference in her experience, because she knows and trusts you. Thank you so very much for everything you have done for our precious puppy.

Carol and Ruthanne Rose Raines (Miniature Poodle)

I am writing to let you how much Ruthie and I enjoyed Chelsea’s class. I loved how she asked each one of the group about their expectations for the class and their pets. I think it made each of us very comfortable within the group and with each other. There is no doubt that Chelsea is in charge. She is firm, helpful, open to questions, witty and fun. She is nothing short of a dynamo (infinite energy).

She always watches each dog perform the commands, and if need be, offer insights and ways to smooth the way to help our “babies” learn more. If Chelsea finds one way does not work, she always has another helpful solution. There is no doubt that she is a specialist in dog behavior, and, by the way, is very good! She has a calming way about her that puts both the dog and the owner at ease. I actually found myself practicing extra hard at home so that I would feel proud of my accomplishments with Ruthie.

It is so hard to find so many great qualities in one person. But, I would have to say that Chelsea is one fine instructor whose heart is in the right place. I am looking forward to another class at Tails-A-Wagging, and hopefully Chelsea will be there to see Ruthie and me through it! I feel blessed to have had advice and training from all of you at my “Happy Place”.

Fritz, Janet and  Cubby (Shih Tzu)

Cubby took Puppy Kindergarten and Prep School with Chelsea. The best thing about the experience was Chelsea’s encouraging good nature that was a strong influence on both the humans and the dogs. We were impressed by her ability to relate to people and dogs. Her attitude was always “can do!” Her classes were always a balance of fun and learning. She gave us specific and useful help with Cubby’s hyper-excitability moments. We believe any owner and dog would benefit from a class with Chelsea!

Rachel, Clark, and Arthur (Cockapoo)

Clark and I would like to give our praises to you, the staff at Tails-A-Wagging. We were very satisfied with the structure of both puppy Pre-School and Puppy Kindergarten and are planning on enrolling our pup, Arthur, in Puppy Prep classes very soon. Arthur has gone from being quite shy around other dogs to playing with them and engaging in role-reversal too. He has learned basic manners and is well socialized with other puppies. We are so proud of Arthur and we credit his teachers thus far, Angi and Chelsea, for being a significant part of his progress. Thank you all!

Jesse and Carter (Pit Bull & Great Dane Mix)

Our dog Carter just graduated from the Rough Around the Edges class!! Our instructor was Chelsea, she was great, she went above and beyond the call of duty in helping Carter and us succeed at the class. We were having some challenges with some of the training and Chelsea came to our house after hours to help out and get us back on track. She truly cares and wants the pet owner and the dogs to succeed. She is a great asset to Tails-a-Wagging 🙂 Thanks Chelsea!

Sam, Juli, Satia and Niko (Standard Poodle)

We just wanted to say THANK YOU to Tails-a-Wagging and especially Chelsea. Our experiences in Puppy Preschool, Puppy Kindergarten and most recently Puppy Prep-school have not only given us the skills to help our boy Niko show how amazing he is but it help solidify our bond with our newest family member.  Chelsea uses her sense of humor, enthusiasm and a great deal of patience to bring out the best in both puppy and owner.

She kept us on our toes but loving every minute of class.  Our 9 year old daughter was able to attend our classes and this has had a huge impact on her relationship with Niko as well as his interaction with children of all ages. Having never had “the puppy experience” before Niko -I give Chelsea, Tails-a-Wagging and their program a huge chunk of the credit for making this such a wonderful and positive experience for all of us! A big THANK YOU!

Dave, Stephanie and Willie (Aussie Mix)

Within days of adopting Willie through the AHS, we realized he needed some structure and socializing asap. After speaking with a happy customer and at the recommendation of one of the instructors, Mike Nichols, we decided to try to squeeze into Chelsea’s class at Tails-a-Wagging that was already one week into instruction. Chelsea was not only kind enough to accommodate us, but personally visited our house to give us individual advice along with a personal training session for Willie.

Willie had his own agenda for training in mind and Chelsea restructured his part of the class accordingly so that we could go off in our own direction while the rest of the class still got what they needed. Very knowledgeable, flexible, and approachable. We would definitely recommend Chelsea and one of her classes to anyone who either needs a brush up or just needs to begin the road to communicating effectively with their dog.

Jenny, Curt and Max (Standard  Poodle)

Our Class experience was fun. Even at 10 months of age Max liked being at class. The topics we worked on in class was perfect. We think Chelsea was an excellent trainer, Max absolutely loved her. Based on our experience with this class when Max is a bit older we will enroll in another class in the nearby future.

Josh and Hunter (Lab)

I really enjoyed our classes. I was very happy with the topics that we covered in class. Chelsea was great! She knew what she was doing and could answer every question I had. I will be coming back to attend more classes.

Lisa, Bill and Jack (Pit Bull Mix) USA

Our experience in class was really good- I started out very nervous and not much confidence with Jacks issues but Chelsea helped me/us work through them. Our classes were really good, fun amount of time. We are very likely to enroll into another class. Chelsea thank you so much for being patient with me and helping me not feel so bad about Jack- You really helped me gain confidence in him!

Aubrey and Gus (Boston Terrier)

Puppy Kindergarten was so great! Gus loved the opportunity to play with other puppies. It was so nice to get a chance to ask questions, and get a good beginning to training Gus. The topics were great- all essentials were covered! Chelsea was amazing! So impressed with her knowledge and professionalism- would recommend her highly! I was really impressed that Chelsea made an effort to connect and schedule make up lessons on her own time when Gus had miss class because of an illness. Thanks so much for your commitment to your clients and all that you do!